French Antique Abattant

5th Jul 2019

French Antique Abattant

In this video Michael introduces us to the practical uses of the French antique Abattant. A wonderful example of French Decor that has practical application in today's modern world.

"Right, what we have is what the French call an Abattant, which basically the English meaning simply means flat that’s vertical and goes down to the horizontal.

This case, as with most of these flats it has a lovely inlaid writing surface, you have drawers, and you have storage compartments.

What makes these pieces of furniture so pertinent for today is the fact that our instruments have shrunk greatly in size. In the old days when you used to have laptops these went slightly out of fashion but today because laptops have shrunk, and you’ve got the iPhones and all these other small compact devices these have now become really useful pieces of furniture. The fact that you can have a writing surface like this and very easily put it away is a great feature.

You also have these wonderful drawers for storage, and usually with the French pieces all the drawers lock which is also a great bonus if you want to lock your documents and so forth away.

Now this is a very particularly pretty French Abattant. It’s in the Louis XV style and it has wonderful floral marquetry which is very, very pretty.

A real nice show piece for any home. The tradition is to have the marble top on them, and have a lovely old base there, you can see the lovely old aged timber.

This piece dates from about 1900 and is an extremely nice example of its type. A very useful decorative piece of furniture."

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