Louis XV Walnut Commode Overview

5th Jul 2019

Louis XV Walnut Commode Overview

An article from our French Provincial Furniture series

In this video Michael introduces us to a wonderful French antique commode, a highly sought after piece of French furniture typical of the French provincial furniture of it's era.

Louis XV Walnut Commode

Transcript: "We have a wonderful Louis XV beautiful inlaid... What we call marquetry inlaid in the trade; so you have a pattern ...Commode done in walnut. You have lovely ormolu handles, ormolu feet, and you have a protective strip running all up and down the side of the armoire, which is a great feature. It protects all this lovely attractive veneer.

These are called a bombe-shaped commode. Basically, the French call them that because if you have a look at the beautiful, sinuous lines of the cabinet, and the French refer to that as a bombe shape.

The marble is lovely. It's lovely thick original marble with a lovely paneled top and quite good for handling because, obviously, the marble can detach. It makes it very easy to move around.

They're very decorative. You often find these pieces used in hallways, bedrooms, as a feature piece because they are very, very attractive pieces, but they're also practical because they have drawers that work very nicely. You can lock a drawer, which is really great. You have a key in the center there.

A really, really lovely piece of furniture and highly sought after in this market. This one is late 19th century, so we're looking around about 1900 in its year of manufacture, and in lovely original condition."

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