Antique Dining Table

Antique Dining Table

Our extensive range of dining tables are sure to satisfy the needs of anybody looking for a unique and highly functional piece of history.

We offer many different styles of table to suit your particular needs. Whether it be practical, beautiful, or rustic, we have you covered.

Extension Tables

French extension tables are truly one of the stand out examples of functional antique furniture.

With extendable leaves, they are a great way to save space, while also having the ability to seat many more people than conventional dining tables would allow.

Farmhouse Tables

Farmhouse tables wear their age on their sleeves.

Originally used by French farmers and labourers, farmhouse tables were made for the express purpose of reliable, no frills furnishing that would last a lifetime.

Built from solid timbers, thick and sturdy, farmhouse tables can be marked, scratched, stained, and scorned, and there's no harm done! If anything, it only adds to its rustic character.

Refectory Tables

If you have the space to spare, refectory tables are a grand addition to any home.

Refectory tables are normally long and narrow in design. They were originally used in grand dining halls for large events.

Comprised of a thick top and a stretcher base to support the weight, their sturdy construction make refectory tables very functional and grand pieces of furniture.

Drop Leaf Tables

Another innovative space saver. Drop leaf tables have segments that fold away, and have wheels on the legs to allow the table to be moved easily. Perfect for smaller rooms, or open plan houses.

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