Antiques In Modern Settings

Antiques In Modern Settings

Many people are reluctant to use antiques in modern settings. The term 'antique' often conjures up in the minds of people, images of something old, or outdated.

While some antiques have fallen out of contemporary use, you can certainly repurpose many of them. The right antique can be a unique and beautiful piece of furniture, ready for modern day use.

1. Style and culture is transitory

Regardless of when a certain style was popular, you'll often find influences of that style in modern works. Modern furniture tends to be more muted and subtle in these influences.

Antiques also have these same influences, but without the framing of modern day design, so they can stick out amongst modern furniture. Contrasting though, is not the same as clashing! One bold piece of antique furniture can make a statement in a room.

2. If it ain't broke, don't fix it

And if its an Antique, chances are it's built to last. A majority of antique furniture has been very well made, and has stood the test of time. If an antique has survived 100 years, it's probably going to last another 100 years, or more.

The wonderful thing about antiques is that a few dents and scratches add to the patina and charm of the piece, unlike modern finishes will require complete restoration.

3. Antiques help the environment:

Want the ultimate in recycled goods? Buy an antique! Largely built by hand, without plastics, they are eco friendly by nature. Few modern products can claim the durability and eco-friendliness of antiques..

4. Antiques can be a great investment:

Some antiques can go up in value over time. While prices rise and fall, and fashions change, antiques generally speaking, are a good investment over a long period of time.

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