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David Boyd Oil on Canvas "Children playing by the River with Birds"

David Boyd Oil on Canvas "Children playing by the River with Birds"

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SKU: XX370

Height: 60.5 cm

Width: 66 cm

Depth: 3 cm

Vibrant David Boyd oil on canvas "Children playing by the River with Birds". In good original detailed condition.

Painting Measurements: 

Height- 40 cm 

Width- 45 cm 

About David Boyd

David Boyd (1924-2011) was an eminent Australian artist known for his distinctive contributions to the country's visual arts scene. He was part of the Boyd family, an artistic dynasty in Australia, which included painters, sculptors, architects, and other creatives over several generations.

Early Life and Background

David Boyd was born into this rich artistic heritage, which significantly influenced his career path. His early work focused on pottery, exploring both functional and artistic forms, often in collaboration with his wife, Hermia Boyd, who was also a skilled potter. This period was marked by innovative designs and the incorporation of Australian themes and landscapes.

Painting Career

By the late 1950s, David Boyd began to shift his focus towards painting, quickly establishing a reputation for his unique style and thematic exploration. His work often delved into Australian history and social issues, with a particular emphasis on the injustices faced by Aboriginal people. One of his most notable series, "The Explorers," and "The Exiles," depicted haunting landscapes imbued with a sense of historical melancholy and critique.

Artistic Style

Boyd's paintings are recognized for their lyrical quality, intricate detail, and vibrant use of color. His work often incorporated symbolic elements and allegories, reflecting his deep concern for humanity and social justice. Despite the serious themes, his paintings also conveyed a sense of hope and the enduring spirit of survival.


David Boyd's contributions to Australian art were profound, and he remains a celebrated figure for his advocacy, as well as his artistic achievements. His legacy is not only preserved in his artworks but also in the ongoing recognition of the Boyd family's impact on the cultural landscape of Australia. His works are held in major collections both nationally and internationally, continuing to inspire and provoke thought amongst audiences of all ages.

David Boyd's career spanned several decades, and his evolution as an artist reflects broader shifts in Australian societal attitudes and artistic practice. He remains an important figure in Australian art history, remembered for his talent, his commitment to social issues, and his legacy within one of the country's most notable artistic families.

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