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Australian Silky Oak Spanish Style Refectory Dining Table

Australian Silky Oak Spanish Style Refectory Dining Table

Antique Furniture
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Height: 74.5 cm

Width: 83.5 cm

Length: 274.5 cm

Australian Silky Oak Spanish Style Refectory Dining Table 

An Australian Silky Oak Spanish style refectory dining table measuring 274.5 cm in length. It can comfortable sit 8-10 people and is a very hard to find size. It is in good original detailed condition.
Australian Silky Oak furniture features:
1. Unique grain patterns: Silky Oak has a distinctive and beautifully straight grain, which adds a unique character to the furniture pieces. The grain can vary in color from light golden browns to reddish-browns.
2. Natural luster: Silky Oak has a natural luster and a smooth, silky texture, giving it a luxurious appearance. When polished, it can have a rich and glossy finish.
3. Durability: Silky Oak is known for its durability and strength, making it an excellent choice for furniture. It has good resistance to decay and rot, which adds to its longevity.
4. Versatility: Silky Oak is used to create various furniture pieces, including dining tables, chairs, cabinets, desks, and more. Its versatility allows craftsmen to showcase their creativity and expertise in designing unique and functional furniture.
5. Environmental sustainability: Silky Oak is a sustainable choice for furniture. It is cultivated in plantations and typically harvested from sustainably managed forests, ensuring the long-term viability of the species.
6. Warm, inviting color: The natural color of Silky Oak can provide warmth and a cozy atmosphere to any room. Its tones can complement a wide range of interior styles, from traditional to contemporary.
7. Easy maintenance: Silky Oak furniture is relatively low-maintenance. Regular dusting and occasional polishing can help maintain its appearance. In case of any scratches or dents, they can often be repaired using simple methods.
8. Timeless elegance: Silky Oak furniture has a timeless appeal due to its classic design and inherent beauty. It can effortlessly blend with different decor styles and can be passed down through generations, becoming treasured heirloom pieces.
Overall, Australian Silky Oak furniture offers a unique combination of aesthetic appeal, durability, and environmental sustainability, making it a popular choice for furniture enthusiasts.

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