Antique Clocks


Antique Clocks of All Shapes & Sizes

If there is an antique that most people are drawn to is that is an Antique Clock. A beautiful and rare antique clock simply looks stunning as an addition to your home or office.

This unique piece can be placed as a stand-alone item or as a part of a collage of artwork.

Moonee Ponds Antiques has been selling antique clocks for more than 30 years. You can find a wide selection of antique clocks including mantle clocks, grandfather clocks, long case clocks and wall clocks at our Airport West showroom. We can also arrange the delivery of the antique clocks Australia wide, no matter what the size or quantity is.

We guarantee that all antique clocks are sold just the way we found them and the case, movement and dial are original unless the description states otherwise. So, at Moonee Ponds Antiques you can purchase antique clocks with confidence.

Buy Fine Antique Clocks!

No matter, whether you are looking for a floor clock with detailed carvings or an intricate clock face, our extensive collection of elegant antique clocks has something for everyone. Visit us to shop timeless antique clocks! We look forward to your visit.

Want To Sell Any Antique Clocks?

We are always interested in buying quality antique clocks from 17th, 18th and 19th century. Whether you have a whole collection of antique clocks or single antique clock for sale. You can send us the pictures of the clock along with its description and history at our email id and we will get back to you shortly. Email us on

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